Capacity Builder

A self-directed capacity building journey to improve the implementation of your FLN interventions/programmes.

We’re accepting a limited number of countries to participate in the Capacity Builder, so please register your interest if you would like to take part.


Who is the Capacity Builder aimed at?

The Capacity Builder may be most useful for education ministries or actors looking to support education ministries.

However, because the Capacity Builder is anchored around a generalisable 15-criteria framework for implementation, all actors will be able to apply it to their work and may find it especially relevant once they are working at large scale.

Our 15 Element Framework
Develop a foundation
Define your aspiration
Review current state
Build the delivery team
Guiding coalition
Understand the challenge
Evaluate performance
Understand drivers of performance
Plan for delivery
Determine strategy for change
Identify key people to delivery
Set targets and establish trajectories
Drive delivery
Solve problems early
Sustain momentum
Establish routines to drive delivery
Create the right culture
Build team capacity
Communicate the delivery message
Alchemy of relationships

How can I access the Capacity Builder?

In the Capacity Builder, you may assess one or more focus areas which you are interested in understanding your capacity to implement interventions. You can then explore and put into action recommended resources and tools to strengthen delivery.

The Capacity Builder is now accepting a limited number of countries to participate in its roll-out. When you register for the Capacity Builder, the FLN Hub team will consider your request. If approved, you will be sent an email enabling you to create an account and access the self-directed learning journey.

Your Journey

Playbooks to support implementation

To support your implementation capacity building journey (either with the Capacity Builder or otherwise), the FLN Hub offers a playbook What would it take to help governments achieve their foundational literacy and numeracy goals? - A guide to effective delivery for public sector practitioners, which provides generalised principles and tools that are aligned with the 15-criteria framework mentioned above. This playbook is designed to guide you in your journey to creating impact through your aspirations.

This is one in a series of four playbooks available in this FLN Hub to support your implementation journey across a spectrum of intervention areas. You can use this playbook in coordination with our other playbooks on digital learning (computer-assisted learning), parental engagement, and Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL).

We invite you to explore the playbooks as part of the Capacity Builder journey, but you may also access them in the Resources section (under the relevant focus areas).

Cover image for the playbook 'What would it take to help government achieve their foundational literacy and numeracy goals?'

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